Can I register for the Ride at the Fort East Martello?

Yes! Additionally you may register online before noon the day of, or at We Cycle Bike shop before Saturday, October 21, during operating hours, 9am-6pm. On Sunday, October 22, you can Register for the Bike Ride at the East Martello from 2-6pm, near the entrance to the Festival Grounds. See map page for Festival Grounds Layout at the Fort East Martello.

 What is the Zombie Bike Parade? 

Only the zaniest, most creative and colorful bike ride Key West – and possibly the world – has ever seen! If your alter ego is a zombie, ghoul, ghost, sugar skull, or other member of the undead, then this is the event for you! This family friendly event has grown from 70 people in 2009 to more than 7,000 in 2022 and celebrates bike culture along with our fascination in all things zombie. This leisurely four-mile bike ride takes participants down the scenic South Roosevelt Blvd with panoramic ocean views, before winding through Old Town Key West and ending with an after party of epic proportions at the Coffee Butler Amphitheater.

 Where does the event start this year? 

The historic and haunted Fort East Martello (3501 S. Roosevelt Blvd) is the perfect backdrop to this year’s Zombieland! Arrive as early as 2pm to mingle with fellow zombies, get your face or body painted by one of 10+ Face Paint Vendors. Food and beverage vendors will be on hand to keep you hydrated and happy. The ride starts at 6pm.

What changes have been made to improve traffic flow?

Bike traffic flow has been much improved this year! Zombie ride participants will be able to use all four lanes of South Roosevelt as the group departs Fort East Martello headed west. The starting point at the Martello allows riders to avoid the congestion at the US 1/South Roosevelt intersection. We’re expecting smooth riding this year!

What’s with the registration wristband?

Your $10 registration fee gets you an official Zombie wristband. Registration is easy and gets you access to the ride, the ZombieFest and finish line party at the Coffee Butler Amphitheater, and even drink deals downtown. Click here to Register. Reminder wristbands will not be mailed out - you can pick them up at Wecyle on Stock Island between 9-6pm 1 week prior to the event - or at the East Martello Festival Grounds on the day of the ride 2-6pm. 

What does the $10 registration fee go toward?

In the early years this event was free, but as the event grew, so too did the costs associated with it. Your very important $10 registration fee goes to helping pay for police escorts, road closures, permit fees, barricades, safety equipment, recycling and waste removal, and porta-potties (yes, zombies actually pee). Your $10 registration fee gets you an official Zombie wristband! Click here to Register

Can I get my face painted at the Fort? 

Yes! Face painting artists will have stations set up at the fort and and take appointments and walk ups. A list of artists can be found on the Zombie Paint page. It is best to contact the artists individually to schedule your appointment. Standard face paint designs run for approximately $30.00 - $50.00 per face! Please prepare for up to a 1 hour wait for face or body painting at the fort. 

What if I’m bringing my kids?

We love baby zombies! By all means, bring the kids (and their bike helmets), but we recommend that families ride at the back of the pack so as not to cause congestion. And if you and your family want to peel off early, perhaps around Higgs Beach, please do so at White Street Pier and let the rest of the bike pack pass by. Before the ride, bring the kids to Fort Martello with you and they can enjoy the Kids' Zone! It's being relocated from the citadel to the main field this year to keep them close by and in the mix!

Where can I rent a bike?

We Cycle Bike Shop will happily rent you bikes – reservations are required for the ride. The We Cycle crew will be on hand at the Martello to help with last minute tune-ups and safety equipment for the ride. To reserve a bike go to wecyclekw.com.  

Are electric stand-up scooters and/or electric bikes allowed to take part in ride?

We strongly encourage pedal-powered bicycles, the old school style! As there is a prevalence of electric powered bikes and scooters in Key West these days, and it would be nearly impossible to regulate, we ask that all participants be very aware of riders nearby and give right of way to human-powered bikes. The ride moves very slowly at times. Be patient. Stay safe. And Have Fun!

What if I just want to watch?

Parade viewing is best along the beach along South Roosevelt, at Salute on the Beach or downtown at The Green Parrot Bar. Or come join us at the Coffee Butler Amphitheater!  Voyeurs will have a great view of the ride, but in order to avoid congestion and impeding bike traffic, spectators won’t be able to enter the street as the ride passes by.

What if I want to hop on or off the ride?

While we hope all ride participants register for the event and join in the Martello festivities at the ride start, we realize that some people jump in later. If that’s the case, please join the ride at the end of the pack so as not to slow down the group, cause congestion or cut off fellow zombies. There are no official Zombie Bike Ride stops on our way to the Amphitheater. We appreciate your help in keeping the ride moving, so we can ensure this is a Zombie Ride and not a Zombie Walk.

How can I help or volunteer for the Ride?

Volunteers are needed for the 2023 Zombie Bike Ride!  We need volunteers to help with assorted duties during the event, including setting up, greeting riders, directing bike parking and encouraging recycling (yes, zombies still care about the environment!).
Volunteers will be needed at Fort East Martello before and during the ZombieLand pre-ride party, as well as at the ZombieFest after party at the Coffee Butler Amphitheater.
If you think you have what it takes, let us know! Contact  [email protected] today!